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Rock Fall Netting

Wire Mesh Rockfall Net-

The wire mesh products are manufactured using Mechanically woven Double Twisted Steel Wire meshes. These are non reveling meshes manufactured by twisting continuous pairs of wire through three one half turns (Commonly called Double twisted) to form hexagonal shape mesh openings which are than interconnected with adjacent wires to form hexagonal meshes. The edges of the mesh are reinforced with a thicker wire called the selvedge /edge wire.


  • The mesh panels are provided with a thicker wire at the edge of the mesh by wrapping the mesh wire 2 and 14 times
  • Uniform opening size of Mesh
  • Distribution of stress due to hexagonal shapes of the wire mesh
Material Stainless Steel
Packaging Type Roll
Hole Shape Hexagonal
Surface finishing Zinc Coated
Wire Diameter 3 mm
Height 7-9 feet
Type Wire Mesh
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SR Industry started its journey in Indore, India. Our core competency lies in its ability to supply complete systems, designed and manufactured to spec and most importantly certified standards.

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  • Chain Link Mesh
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